A lab for living.
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Living Brand is a project dedicated to elevating the living experience.

This can be applied to various aspects around technology and digital innovation including the development of physical and virtual products.

We develop products & services that can improve living by utilizing technology.
We build companies.
We consult companies.
Who we are. We are two brothers, Julian and Frederik. German-born, buddhist raised and spread out having lived across various cities in North America and Europe.
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Julian Philipp

What is living? Living is the sum of know-how from the past vis-à-vis expectations for the future, combined in feasibilities for the now.
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Frederik Roman Carlo

What is living? Living is a rhythm that might change or differ, but that will always keep comfort at its core.
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Our focus.

We are building Along - the AI empowered buyer engagement platform shaping the way modern B2B sales is done.
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We write about various topics that we are interested in. Check our publication for more info.
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We are entrepreneurs. Somewhere between the US and Europe. Somewhere between design and technology. And somewhere between the physical and the virtual.